KOSS KS5302 portable CD player

KOSS KS5302 portable CD player

Last week, I bought 2 audio CD players from the flea market for 10 TND ($3.50). Here I'm presenting the first device : KOSS KS5302. Currently it's not working, but I'm trying to fix it.

I noticed some alkaline battery leakage on the connector and also on the PCB (see photos). So the first step will be to clean the mess.


Here are some specification printed on the case:

  • Model: KS5302 Series
  • External DC supply: 4.5V
  • Battery supply: 3V (2 x 1.5V AA)
  • Manufactured : February 2004
  • Custom manufactured in China
  • 45 seconds ASP
  • CD-RW playback

ICs reference

Some ICs references from the PCB:

  • BU9534KV (IC201): Signal processor LSI with anti-shock memory controller for CD players.
  • 4453 (IC301): Headphone Audio Amplifiers
  • 1X16Y3VTW (IC401): 16M SDRAM
  • BU24590-8W (IC501): ICMCU-16K-LCD 4BIT CPU